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AntennasDirect designs, builds and sells antennas for digital and HDTV reception. More people are getting rid of cable or satellite and watching over-the-air television. It is important to have a good antenna for the best reception. AntennasDirect has 24 different antennas you can choose from that are small enough to put near your television or in your attic and larger antennas that you can put outside for better reception if you live a long distance from the television transmitter. TV Antennas include:

  • High VHF antennas (channels 7-13)
  • UHF antennas (channels 14-69)
  • Low VHF (channel 2-6)
  • Combination VHF and UHF antennas
  • Indoor and attic antennas
  • Outdoor antennas

AntennasDirect also sells accessories to put up an antenna and for better reception, accessories that include:

  • Antenna masts and mounts
  • Amplifiers and preamps
  • Filters to filter out interference and attenuators
  • 75 ohm coax: RG-6, quad-shielded RG-6 and RG-11
  • Rotators to rotate your antenna
  • Signal meters
  • Splitters
  • VHF/UHF combiners
  • Diplexers
  • Coax termination tools and kit
  • Preconfigured bundles and configure your own bundle of antenna and accessories to save money

You can buy from AntennasDirect or at retail stores like Best Buy and

AntennasDirect: What makes it different?

The design and the materials of a TV antenna can determine how well it will work and how long it will last. TV antennas that go outside have to endure sunlight, summer heat, winter cold, snow and ice storms and high winds. AntennaDirect antennas have fiberglass instead of plastic parts and fiberglass should last longer in outdoor elements than plastic.

The engineers at AntennasDirect use computers to design and improve on the older antenna designs to make smaller and more efficient TV antennas. Many people either cannot have or don’t want to have an antenna outside. Their web site has a learning center that will help you decide which antenna is best for your location and situation by entering in your zip code. The further away you live from the television transmitting antenna, the more gain you will need. AntennasDirect website will show you which of their antennas that will work for your location.

AntennasDirect has a limited lifetime warranty for their antennas for as long as you own the product.

AntennasDirect vs. primary competitors (sites similar to AntennasDirect)

There are numerous companies that make TV antennas including:

  • Winegard is well known and has a good reputation and many models to choose from. You can buy Winegard TV and FM antennas at many retail locations.
  • Channel Master is another well known and respected brand of TV antennas. Many of their antennas come preassembled which can reduce the frustration level and save time. They also sell accessories and coax cable.
  • AntennaCraft is another antenna company that designs and makes their own antennas and has a good reputation. They have many models to choose from including antennas that cover the entire VHF/UHF range plus high VHG/UHF and UHF only.

AntennasDirect compares favorable and equally well with these companies.

AntennasDirect: Pricing & packages

Buying directly from AntennasDirect, it usually costs more than if you buy through If you buy from AntennasDirect, there is free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

According to HDTV Antenna Review, some of the more popular antennas at Antennas Direct include:

  • SR15: An outdoor directional UHF antenna with 11 db of gain and a range of 30 miles. The cost is $59 if you buy it at Antennas Direct or $44.55 at Amazon.
  • 43XG: A directional UHF antenna with a 14.5 db gain and a range of 50 miles is also for outdoors. Cost at Antennas Direct is $69 and currently $26.89 through Amazon.
  • The 91XG is also highly rated directional antenna with a range of 70+ plus miles for the UHF band.
  • ClearStream1 or C1 is a multi-directional UHF antenna small enough for indoors and a range of 30 miles for $59 at AntennasDirect.
  • ClearStream5 also known as the C5 is an outdoor high VHF and UHF multi-directional antenna and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. The cost at AntennasDirect is $139.99 and the best price through Amazon is $86.50.
  • ClearStream4 or C4 is a directional antenna that can be used indoors, attic or outside with a size of size 20” H x 28” W x 5” deep. It has many reviews and is a highly rated UHF antenna. It has 12 db gain for a range of 65 miles. The price is $149 at AntennasDirect and currently $98 through Amazon.
  • The DB2 and DB4 models are both highly rated directional UHF antennas. The DB2 has a range of 30 miles and the DB4’s range is 55 miles. The DB2 is $49 at AntennasDirect and $28 through Amazon. The DB4 cost is $69 at Antennas Direct and $40 through Amazon.
  • V2 is a VHF/UHF antenna with a range of 65 miles and a cost of $99 at AntennasDirect and $60 at Amazon.

Bundled Packages

AntennasDirect has seven different bundled packages or you can configure your own bundled package. The bundled packages include the antenna, a j-mount, a preamp and coax and start at $109.99. If you configure your own package, the price starts at $29.25.

Some comparable antennas from Channel Master and AntennaCraft were cheaper than AntennasDirect when compared buying direct from each company and in some cases through Amazon.

AntennasDirect: Product images & screenshots
AntennasDirect Coupons
AntennasDirect: Customer reviews & comments

AntennasDirect is mentioned on many web sites that deal with HDTV or digital TV antennas. Most comments are positive. The only negative comments I saw were from a few who wrote that some of their antennas were frustrating to put together because either the screws didn’t fit right or the holes were not threaded. Hopefully Antennas Direct will correct this problem if they haven’t already.

There were numerous comments stating that customer service is excellent at AntennasDirect. Technical support and replacing broken parts were helpful. Things can break with outdoor antennas; a couple of buyers wrote that AntennasDirect sent them replacement parts at no charge, a year after they purchased the antenna.

Best Available AntennasDirect Coupon:
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Comments (5)
Ranked #14 in

An excellent comparison Sam. Back in the day when I was in the business, Winegard, Channel Master and Antenna Craft were the premier antenna suppliers. I wasn't aware that most people were giving up cable and satellite TV in favor of off the air signals.

Ranked #1 in

Hi Jerry, Many people are dropping cable or satellite. The percentages might look low, but the figures are high and alarming to the cable companies. Some blame this cutting the cord, as they call it, on the internet and services like Hulu and Netflix. It is probably more of a sign of the economic times. Cable and satellite prices keeps going up to the point many say forget it. Talking with some TV engineers around the country, they are saying more people are dropping pay TV and going back to over-the-air and realizing because of the switch to digital, they need a better antenna. But there is ominous talk that eventually our government would like to just do away with those frequencies and over-the-air TV altogether. I would hate to see that.

Thanks for the info!

This is a very complete and comprehensive informational article.

A few years ago in the UK, most homes would have at least one of these attached to its highest point to gain the best possible TV reception. These were then largely removed with the emergence of satellite dishes and cable TV. interesting that this trend is now going in a full circle and back to their being used once again.

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